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Virgin POSTER here!

My name is Angela Blose and it’s true! This is my first BLOG POST.

I live in Columbia with my husband Mike Blose, my sons Tyler 11, Charles 7, and my daughter Sofia 8. We adopted our 100 lb golden/lab mix Samantha in 2015 and Gary in 2016 our adorable trained Guinea Pig.

I started the Urban Pallet Company to incorporate my love for woodworking and my love to DIY. Notice—I never said love for ART, or CRAFTINESS—because I just am NOT. I knew there were others out there that took a Painting Class, and got lost on the 9th step because (like me) they got up to refill their wine glasses. I created the Urban Pallet Company to gather like minded people together to create wood pieces they would be proud to give as gifts and display in their homes. Events and workshops are always fun, and I also do custom signs and have a little shop opening November 15th!

Where you’ll see me around town…

Most likely you’ll see me parking in the contractors space at Home Depot, and bringing Sam with me on hardware and paint runs. You’ll also see me heading over to the new space at the Hickory Ridge Village Center, measuring and getting things ready to open the shop. I have a wood shop in my garage which is where I do most of my work, and of course picking up Pallets locally in Howard County.

How long have you been doing this?

I’ve been working with wood since after college. My friend’s dad built a Catalina Pottery Barn bookshelf knock off, and I just couldn’t believe it when she told me how much he paid for materials. How could they charge so much?? I was determined to teach myself. My first piece was a HOT mess, but I DID it! Then my husband allowed me to practice on our home, so I built a Range Hood (pics to follow), installed some crown moldings, built the kids an indoor tree house, and made lots of book shelves!

Before The Urban Pallet Company…

After college, I landed in the Property Mangement field. I worked for a large Commercial and Residential management company in DC/Chevy Chase specializing in corporate outreach to fill vacancy and then transitioned to work as a Property Manager for a merchant developer who would underwrite property across the US, build it, hire a team, lease it up, and then sell it to an investor. My roots started growing here in Columbia where my husband and I were both born and raised, so here I am!

How do you make the wood signs?

I literally select Heat Treated (not chemically treated) shipping pallets and use a tool called a Ripper. It’s often used for demolition. I turn my music on and get a workout! Then I use a planner to make the rough edges baby butt smooth! I assemble them with wood glue, a table saw, and wood pieces on the back. The stain is a combination of Early Grey tea, coffee, baking soda and vinegar. The sun does the rest!

Please FOLLOW my BLOG, I hope to have some pretty awesome people help write it and while I’m still learning, I really hope that you can come on this adventure with me.



The Urban Pallet Company