Makers gonna Make, lets SUPPORT and lift eachother up, and remember to GUARD your YESes!!

10 years ago when I started on this journey to DIY all things possible, I never thought that I would meet so SO many like minded people. You all enjoy doing these things JUST as much as me, but you’re struggling on where to begin.

You're actually artistic, unlike me, I’m actually not artistic. My daughter calls me a “fake artist” and rightfully so, I couldn’t draw an object if my life depended on it. Now, freehand chalk writing, ok that’s a different story…but that’s for another blog another rainy day…

SO, back to where to begin. The one thing I want to offer to any craft person starting out is to practice your craft.

Practice and practice and practice, make #allthethings. Then practice some more. Hold it up—#doesitbringyoujoy Great. Now you’re ready. Take good pictures. I mean like REALLY bright outside on a sunny day pictures. HIRE a photographer, like @littlesunphotography because there is a reason they make #allthemoney. Sell them if you choose or offer them as gifts to friends and family, but be ready, because you WILL have people asking you to create something for them.

When you do—guard your time, remember saying yes to them means saying no indirectly to something else. I can’t stress enough how much I LOVE creating something unique and special for all my wonderful clients and DIYers, but I used to say YES to EVERYTHING.

Something that I knew would be a challenge for me, I still took it on and because I don’t like being told I can’t.

I would spend HOURS and HOURS on a small $5 project. Learn from my mistakes, refer them to someone. Remember, all the practice? Yeah, I didn’t have it. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES. 16 hours later, I had her $5 vinyl iron on, but I spent $25 dollars in materials that 1. I forgot to mirror because when you cut transfers, you actually cut them backwards to flip them over and iron on. 2. I put it on stretch material, so I needed special vinyl that was stretchy not normal HTV. 3. Oh and I also needed to account for BOOBS!! OMG, this poor person’s shirt was stretchy in all the WRONG places, 1 inch lower and we would have been a #hotmess.

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog entry. I hope you lasted this long, and if you did, I pray that you start today reaching for moon, remember if you fall short you are among the stars…