Who inspires you, and if you met them, what would you say?

April Wilkerson. Google her. She is my hero.

Everyone has that one inspirational person, that person they look at in awe, hoping to one day aspire to be like! What would you do if you met them in real life?

Not like that one person that your significant other promises you, that if you get the chance to meet, you can have that “free pass.”

That one person that you look upto, who is living a parallel life to you , if only they would take a moment to see…

April Wilkerson started out much like me. No one showed her how to use tools or how to follow cut plans, she taught herself. She messed up, herself. She cried out of frustration, to herself. Just like me.

It all started out with a bookshelf, as I’ve said before, but the time it took me to figure out how to cut out a shape, how to sand and how to install “rods” to keep the books in place, maybe took me 4 weeks. I was determined. So, here it is. The finished product after blood sweat and lots of tears.