What is a pallet painting party?

We reclaim wood from pallets, then assemble and stain the pallet sign. You choose a stencil design from our gallery and we bring it to the party.  At the party you can customize with over 40 different paint colors, we even have glitter!

Where are Parties Located?

Private parties can be booked in and around the Columbia, MD area. You provide the location and we will bring everything you need to host your party! See the 'Do you travel?' FAQ for more details. We also host public parties at Black Flag, a local breweries.  Check out the latest event up above!

Do you Travel?

We are fully mobile and will travel up to 20 miles from Columbia, MD. If you're interested in hosting an event outside of this area, please email us at theurbanpalletcompany@gmail.com. An additional travel fee may apply.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary depending on the art selected. The party host upon completion of a party with the minimum number of attendees will get a refund of their pallet selection!

Can I create my own sign, from a Pinterest picture?

We can create a custom SVG file for you based on a sign you have seen, however we will add out artistic spin on it and it will be similar but not the same.  The artist spent a lot of time creating that, and we want to make sure not to step on their toes. 

I know the minimum, but what's the MAX?

There is no max, if you have the room we have the staff!Minimum party size is 5, 10-16 people is standard. We can accommodate larger parties but please email us prior to booking your party to ensure we’re able to accommodate.

Will this mess up my nails?

You will probably get paint on your fingers, maybe on your hands, but not likely on your clothes.  We will provide aprons. 

How long do parties last?

Anywhere from 1 ½ -2 hours. Your pallet will be dry and ready for you to take home!  These signs are not sealed for outdoor use.  We start right on time.